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Story of the Levitating Stone of Shivapur

Humans are living in this world since centuries, and during this time we have witnessed many wonderful things, whether it is a wonderful event in nature or a wonderful science, everything in this world of science becomes simply, But still there are some things in this world that even science can not solve. sometimes we termed these kinds of things as 'Miracle' or sometimes as 'Divine'. There are lots of examples around us which makes us puzzles as to what can be the reason behind these unbelievable tales. And today I'm going to tell you about such a Miraculous thing.

The Dargah Of Qumar Ali Darvesh

180 kilometer away from east Mumbai there is a place called Shivapur, It's heard that there is a miraculous stone at The Dargah of Qumar Ali Darvesh which can levitate in air by defying gravity, hundreds of people visit the Qumar Ali Darvesh  Dargah everyday to witness this miracle.

It is said that Qamar Ali was born into a middle-class family and was the younger …

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